Graphic picture panels for Ricordi music stores.

After initial ideas with Dave D, Story boards and art worked props came from Mark Whitehouse at the Clinic. Everything was photographed with help from Phillip Cohen and body parts of Ash S, Mark F, Julie R, Lyndon, Phillip C, Patrick B and myself.
All the components (Cibachrome's, props, projections and models) were then assembled in the studio and shot on Sinar + RDP roll film and/or printed in the darkroom on to CDU stock. Finally Silkscreen printed on to approx 120 cm x 50 cm boards, to go in store.
The first "tester" image with Lyndon on trumpet and Dave's motor. Visual ideas for panel Jazz Panel #1 Jazz Panel #1 Film Panel #1 Phillip modelled the controlsFilm Panel #2 Classical Music Panel #1 Classical Music Panel #1
Lyndon on one leg. Visualjazz panel 2, with Dave's Car, actually I don't think this one was used.jazz panel #2 Rock panel #3 Mark and ?? Rock music Panel #3 Books Panel #1 Books Panel #1
classical music visual, Lyndon's profile. Visual Jazz Panel #3 Crooner Patrick sings the blues Jazz Panel #3 Film panel #3, with scary Phillip Film Panel #3 Classical Music Panel #3, Julie and Phillip's digits doing the playing. Classical Music Panel #3