These are some of the posters and backgrounds made over the last twenty years. Mostly 60"x 40"s and taken on a Sinar with RDP.
The pics with models were photographed with my trusty GS1
Barclay's, Never not football A2 poster for Extreme. Art direction from Andy Hunns at Small Japanese Soldier, featuring Tabita Shot for Ken A at Clinic, We made this 48 sheet poster from several trans, not enough height at Holborn Studios and only 4 black chairs. As always, Luke put it all together on the Mac. Barclay's, Never not football
60x40 Poster background 48 sheet poster for Leicester sq. 60x40 Poster background Film/Video Virgin Retail 60x40 Poster background
60x40 Sale poster assembled with Dave Dragon. 60x40 Festival posters From the Virgin Retail Xmas campaign 60x40 Poster-CD singles. Another 60x40 Sale poster for Virgin.
A1 Posters for Virgin Cinema One of my DMs for this Festival poster Virgin Retail 60x40 Sale poster background Xmas campaign for Virgin Europe with Ash. There were hundreds of candles Gel 60x40 background